US Doctor comes to Australia to train at the Ozone Clinic

Dr Novak's Surgery

When Dr Edward Dulitisky from the Ozone Clinic in Sydney, gave his presentation at ILADS late last year (see here) on the use of ozone and xenon gas in the treatment for Lyme-like illnesses, a number of the doctors attending the conference were so interested in the treatment they said they’d like to come to Australia and train with him.

Last week, Dr James Novak, travelled from San Diego in California so he could work with Dr Dulitsky and learn more about how to use these noble gases as medical therapies. I spoke with Dr Novak at the Ozone Clinic and asked him what was it about Dr Dulitsky’s presentation at ILADS that inspired him to fly the long distance to Australia so he could learn more about this type of gas therapy?

Dr Novak answered: “I was so impressed with Dr Dulitsky’s presentation about Xenon and ozone therapy. Using noble gases in therapy is something we don’t do in the US and I think this type of therapy has a lot of applications for all of the chronic conditions we see in so many patients these days,” he added.

Noble gases – they’re inert and don’t cause side effects

When asked what aspect of the noble gas therapy was most interesting, Dr Novak answered: “It was the fact that because the noble gases are inert, they don’t cause side effects but at the same time, they have a profound and adaptogenic effect which returns the body to its normal state.”

“I’m always interested in treatments that don’t hurt the body and yet do something positive,” Dr Novak added.

Keen to treat other conditions as well as Lyme-like illnesses

Dr Novak said he has many patients with Lyme disease but he also has patients with a wide range of other chronic conditions which he feels could benefit from this type of therapy: “I have patients with chronic encephalitis, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, MS and cancer patients – as well as people who’ve been exposed to mould and heavy metals.”

“The patients I see have usually exhausted all other treatments and tried many other options. I think the noble gases have a unique application and really, the first time I ever heard of using them was at ILADS when Dr Dulitsky gave his presentation,” Dr Novak said.

“The use of these gases in treatment is at its inception for the west. They’re use has never really been explored here,” he added.

Why are the treatments from Russia’s medical model different?

I asked Dr Novak did he feel there was a difference in the treatments which have evolved from the Russian medical model and if so, why did he think this is the case?

Dr Novak agreed there is a difference in these treatments: “It’s because these treatments have evolved out of a different business model. In the west, the medical model keeps people on medication and basically, keeps them unwell.”

“But in Russia, there’s a different medical model which endeavours to get people well using methods that they won’t become reliant on – and which won’t cause serious side effects,” he added.

Dr Novak said this is the reason he’s come out to Australia to learn more about these treatments.

As well, Dr Novak said he was “very impressed” with Dr Dulitsky’s diagnostic system (The Wellness Navigator) which he went through at the Ozone Clinic. “It’s designed to achieve optimal wellness and Dr Dulitsky has gone through the whole system with me and it is very impressive,” he added.

Dr. James Novak is an integrative medical practitioner with more than 30 years of medical experience. He gained his Medical Degree from the Rush Medical College of Rush University in 1980 and completed his Internship for Medicine in 1981 at the University of California.