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What is Wellness Navigator?

Wellness Navigator is a wellness system that has been developed by a team of Russian and Ukrainian medical scientists.

It is analysing our organism as a living dynamic biological system and is trying to create a one big picture of what is going on with multiple physiological systems that our body is made from.
It focuses on understanding physiological patterns and trends and is trying to answer WHY certain things happens with our body.

Many tests that are available today often are not sensitive enough to pick up the problems when they are starting to develop.

We Cannot Fix The Problem If We Do Not Understand Why It Is There

With many chronic health conditions, there are number of problems that co-exist at the same time. We need a solution that allows us to see the big picture, rather than one piece of the puzzle.


The goal of Wellness Navigator is to develop a 3D map of person’s health and guide the person of how to restore an innate biological balance – homeostasis. In this state, the body naturally heals itself and optimizes and restores its functions.


Wellness Navigator is using basic mathematical algorithms, that allow a number of independent systems to look at our body from the different angles. When the collected information is overlapped and put together, a 3D image is created.


The Wellness Navigator is an excellent monitoring tool that allows you to see how effective your life style changes, diet, exercises, treatments, supplements or medication are.

Wellness Navigator uses some of the evidence based unique technologies that have passed many clinical trials.

Wellness Navigator integrates and encompass principles of modern medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. It provides a basic understanding of underlying mechanisms of health and helps to develop unique strategies applicable to diet, lifestyle, exercise, supplementation on an individual basis.

Wellness Therapy helps to select a preventative approach towards health. It helps to monitor and continuously improve health and well being on a general basis.

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