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What is Wellness Navigator?

Wellness Navigator is a complex diagnostic wellness system that has been developed by a team of Russian and Ukrainian medical scientists and it is very different form most of the existing diagnostic systems available today.

It is analysing our organism as a living dynamic biological system and is trying to create a one big picture of what is going on with multiple physiological systems that our body is made from.
It focuses on understanding physiological patterns and trends and is trying to answer WHY certain things happens with our body.

It focuses on understanding physiological patterns and trends and is trying to answer WHY certain things happens with our body. Many medical tests that are available today often are not sensitive enough to pick up the problems when they are starting to develop. The same as most of the western medicine system they are focused on one or few fragments rather than on entire organism.

They often show the problem when it is already too late to do something about it. Many of our patients complained in the past that when they were not feeling well and visited medical doctors, they would be referred for medical tests, that would not give them the answer, why they are not feeling well.

In fact, we are aware of number of terminal patients with cancer where most of blood tests would come normal until the very last stage of the disease. Other people have spent thousands of dollars on tests which give them many details, but no solutions or understanding of how to address their issues.

We Cannot Fix The Problem If We Do Not Understand Why It Is There

With many chronic health conditions like Cancer or Lyme Disease, there are number of problems that co-exist at the same time. We needed a solution that allow us to see the big picture, rather than one piece of the puzzle.


The goal of Wellness Navigator is to develop a 3D map of person’s health and guide the person of how to restore an innate biological balance – homeostasis. In this state body naturally heal itself, optimizes and restores its functions.


Wellness Navigator is using a unique mathematical algorithms that allow a number of independent, evidence based, sensitive diagnostic systems look at our body from the different angles. When the collected information is overlapped and put together, the 3D image of our Health and Wellness is created.


The sensitivity of the test allows already after 12 hours to notice changes that are triggered in our body by internal or external factors. This option makes Wellness Navigator an excellent monitoring tool that can see how effective are your life style changes, diet, exercises, treatments, supplements or medication.

Wellness Navigator uses some of the evidence based unique diagnostic technologies that passed many clinical trials, have published scientific studies, accepted and used in many countries such as:

ECG Dispersion Mapping

  • Allows to create 3D portrait of the heart and early pick up the risks of Cardio vascular disease.


  • Innovative photoplethysmography based technology for monitoring health and longevity. This technology helps with evaluation of stiffness of arterial wall and vascular endothelial function for determination of cardiovascular risk of healthy people.
  • Diagnostics of atherosclerosis at the earliest stage, when vascular endothelium dysfunction appears
  • Monitoring the efficiency of therapy of cardiovascular system diseases

Automatic Non-invasive Express Screening Analysis

  • Unique innovative technology which provides a clinical basis for a screening examination of the state of organs and body systems.
  • This technology is based on the study of the human body ability to change the activity of the autonomic nervous system ergotropic function, depending on the frequency and strength of the action of various factors of the external and internal environment, followed by substances synthesis and dis-assimilation. This process is reflected by thermoregulation activity The information is collected from 5 thermal microprocessors and analysed by special software which allow to convert the data into the detailed spectrum of metabolic signatures from every system and organs of our organism.

ARDK and Acugraph

  • Special non-invasive tools that allow to scan the body and give quick overview of the functionality of the different organs and systems including the psycho-emotional status of the patient.
  • These tools measure electrical resistance of the skin in biologically active points.
  • Our body is a big conductor of electromagnetic field with electricity running through our body.
  • Any disruption of function in our organism reflects in disruption of electromagnetic field that can be detected in some bio-active zones. Special intelligent software analyses the measured electrical readings and the unique pattern of changes and decipher them into the health evaluation report.
  • These unique patterns when deciphered are very closely correlated to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians and acupuncture points.

Advanced Spirometry

  • Allows to evaluate the state and functions of Respiratory System.

Extended Blood Test

  • Revolutionary test of capillary blood that encompass Life blood and Stained blood analysis utilising: brightfield, ultra-darkfield, phase contrast and fluorescent microscopy.
  • The test uses state of the art microscopy that allow to screen many microorganisms and monitor some functions of the blood cells.
  • The unique mathematical algorithms that has been developed by Russian scientists allow to analyse the leukogram and understand the functions of immune, adaptation systems, metabolic changes that are happening with our body.
  • The specific patterns of life Blood analysis help to monitor the Oxidative Stress, bacterial patterns, presence of the heavy Metals, and intracellular parasites.

Advanced Pulse Analysis System - studies HRV (Heart Rate Variability)

  • HRV is simply a measure of the variation in time between each heartbeat. This variation is controlled by a primitive part of the nervous system called the autonomic nervous system (ANS). It works regardless of our desire and regulates, among other things, our heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and digestion. The ANS is subdivided into two large components, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the fight-or-flight mechanism and the relaxation response.
  • Looking closely at one’s HRV is like looking up close at a radar screen. Many things invisible to the naked eye come up on the scope.
  • According to Harvard Scientists checking of HRV can help to identify multiple health issues in early stages of their development.
  • The system was initially developed by Russian Scientists with the purpose of monitoring Cosmonauts health in space, where many tests are impossible to perform.
  • The unique mathematical algorithms helps to decipher the HRV readings and understand the state of multiple regulative functions of our Autonomic Nervous System.
  • After all data is collected through massive questionnaire and large number of diagnostic tools, the information is sent to Russia to a medical specialist that will process and analyse all collected information.
  • The results of the test compiled into the large ( over 100 pages) report that accurately  helps  to evaluate the patient’s health, points to the current and potential problems and guides to how to navigate yourself towards healthier new you.
  • The report will be interpreted and explained in simple words during the 40 minutes wellness consultation with Dr Dulitsky and it is included in the cost of test.

Wellness Navigator integrates and encompass principles of modern medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. It provides a deep understanding of underlying mechanisms of health problems and helps to develop unique strategies applicable to diet, lifestyle, exercises, supplementation and therapies on individual basis.

The treatment protocols that derived from the results of the test are usually more accurate and produce faster and better results. Wellness Therapy helps to select a preventative approach towards health. It helps to monitor and continuously improve health and well being.

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