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Ozone Therapy

Do you have unexplained pain or suffer from a range of debilitating illnesses and most medical professionals you turn to don’t know how to help you?...

Xenon Therapy

Do you suffer from neurological conditions such as headaches, depression or chronic fatigue syndrome? Many people have found using medical xenon can be helpful with these...

Wellness Navigator

Our Wellness Navigator is a system of medical tests which provides a total picture of the health of each of our patients. With this information, our...

Hydrogen Therapy

You may not have heard much about the healing effects of molecular hydrogen (H2 gas) but it’s been shown by medical research to be beneficial for...

Integrative Immune Therapy

If you’re having trouble with your immune system, Integrative Immune Therapy may be able to boost some of its functions. This is important because our immune...

Health and wellness is our craft. From focused procedures, we bring operational expertise to create soulful treatments that match your needs.

Discover our innovation to fight chronic illness.

This approach is based on a revolutionary method that was developed by Russian integrated neurologist and scientist, Dr Edward Dulitsky (PhD in medicine, MD (RU).

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Mustafa Saeed
Mustafa Saeed
15:05 10 Feb 20
I had some terrible back pain issues that almost most doctors couldn't solve, Dr. Dulitsky's methods truly transformed... me for the better and I couldn't be more more
Nadi Sha
Nadi Sha
08:22 28 Dec 18
Revolutionary for a chronic hip injuury. It doesn’t work on 100% of cases but worth trying in case it works for you.
Rob K
Rob K
14:20 21 Apr 17
Well its now been two years since i had my treatments for my lower back pain . And wow what can i stay if there was one... word to sum it up it would be "unbelievable".....Guys its a must try dr Dulitsky and team were great, he is an open and honest person who will tell you how it is and if the program is suited to you .Ive held off over the last couple of years from reviewing due to my skeptical nature though hoping it would work for me and not getting ahead of the outcome. well its official im pain free for the last 2 years .My pain started about 6 , 7 years ago , as the pain got worse i started to explore phisiyo and chiropractic avenues and on one occasion due to a overtreatment i needed to take a few days off work to get over the pain i was left in . Id been through Quaterzone treatments were i had a very large needle inserted in my L4/5 disk which only relived the pain for 1 week, the pain got that bad i sat down with my doc and looked our surgical options . After this i walked out assessing the options at which point i found Dr Dulitsky and after researching his methods thought i give the Ozone one last trying hope .He did say the results do veri and the results could last anywhere upto 8 years and beyond????? I can only hope ! Anyway i cant thank Dr Dulitsky and his team enough and as good as it was I hope never to need the treatments again 😆 . Cheers more
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