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What is Integrative Immune Therapy

If you’re having trouble with your immune system, Integrative Immune Therapy may be able to boost some of its functions. This is important because our immune system is plays a key role in our biological survival by protecting our body from external and internal aggression.


Our immune system protects us from pathological bacteria and viruses and also copes with many other impacts on our body including electromagnetic fields, vibrational disturbances, information overload, mutations, changes of our microbiome and so on.


These days, there’s a lot of confusion about the immune system and immune therapies. Many people think they have a weak immune system and they need to strengthen it. But usually it’s not really a weak immune system that causes problems but a dysfunctional one.


When your immune system runs over budget


Your immune system can be compared to a company which runs many different businesses but has one budget for them all. Sometimes one or two of the businesses overspend their resources and this puts the others into trouble.


The solution is not simply to put more resources into the ‘company’ but to balance the company’s spending. If this is not addressed, then the immune system will always ‘overspend’ and the person won’t feel they’re back on track.



Correcting the balance of the immune system is the goal of Integrative Immune Therapy

The first step is for Integrative Immune Therapy to provide you with a detailed understanding of the state of multiple functions of your immune system.


The next step is adaptogen immune corrections which is where you reset your immune system by addressing your own adaptation system which has the power to override and reset multiple systems in your body.


This approach relies on techniques such as hyperthermia, special detox procedures, herbal and other types of medicinal adaptogens. As well, other therapies including light therapy, laser therapy, MMW therapy (EHF) and magnetic therapy can be used.



The microbiome must be working effectively


The third step is the correction of the microbiome and this process starts by regulating the digestive and nervous system. Special prebiotics and probiotics, as well as other medicinal products which impact human microbiota are also used.


From our years of clinical practice here at the Ozone Clinic we can say that most of our patients will see improvements in their immune system function after following these steps to improve the microbiome.


Patients can make further immune corrections by using special medicinal preparations – often referred to as Immunomodulators – which target different parts of immune system.

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