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What is Xenon Therapy

Xenon inhalation is the most popular and most research method. Xenon inhalations are carried out on special equipment by inhalation through a mask. Due to its efficiency and safety, xenon penetrates well through cell membranes and has a positive effect on the molecular composition of cells. Xenon does not cause chemical and biochemical reactions, is removed from the body without side effects and it is completely non-toxic. It has a deep regenerating, toning and healing effect on the human body.

Xenon inhalation is used in treating various kinds of stress, headaches, sleeping disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, rehabilitation and regeneration after illness. Since it acts as a neuroprotector, Xenon is successfully applied in treating neuro diseases. Xenon (Xe) is an inert noble gas. Xenon is non-toxic and does not cause any biotransformation in the body. It does not cause allergies. It does not have any chemical interactions with other drugs.

What Conditions is Xenon Therapy Used For?


  • Medical xenon is effectively used in the correction of acute and chronic stress disorders for relieving mental and emotional stress and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as treatment of depression and insomnia.


  • Medical Xenon is effective in treating disturbance of cerebral circulation, brain injury and their effects: lumbago, ischemic damage, as well as toxic damage of alcohol, drugs and other psychoactive substances.


  • The conducted clinical studies have shown that Xenon has cardioprotective properties: ensures stable hemodynamics and improves the function of the myocard. Effective in the treatment of heart attacks and strokes.


  • Medical Xenon has immune stimulatory effects. During Xenon inhalations one gets “cell massage”, activating the hidden reserves of the organism.


  • Medical Xenon allows you to quickly remove pain syndromes of various origins, including headaches, tension and migraine headaches.


  • Medical Xenon allows you to relieve quickly the acute withdrawal syndrome, significantly reduce the dosage of the used pharmaceuticals, as well as reduce pathological addiction to psychoactive substances.

Is Xenon Therapy Safe?

Xenon therapy is ecologically clean, harmless, non-toxic and it doesn’t cause any side effects. It is inside human body from 3-4 minutes, after which it leaves the lungs. Xenon gas doesn’t cause allergies, doesn’t affect immune system, blood coagulation or neuroendocrinal status. It is not cancerogenic or cardiodepressant.

Xenon gas is full of positive pharmacological properties. Depression, stress, headaches and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome all respond very well to the treatment with this gas. Its positive effects are also manifested on central nervous system, which is beneficial for a variety of patients suffering from different conditions, especially because the gas has neuroprotective properties and it speeds up nerve cell regeneration. Therefore, those who are diagnosed with a brain disease can find help in Xenon therapy. It is also used for purposes of regenerative and rehabilitation therapy and it increases working capacity of a person.

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