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What is Extremely High Frequency or EHF Therapy

Extremely High Frequency or EHF Therapy is a new treatment where extremely high frequencies in the millimetre band are used to treat the patient. This therapy has been found to be highly efficient in treating various illnesses including many types of cancer. (See study here)


There have been a number of Russian studies researching EHF Therapy in the area of oncology and they proved the efficiency and safety of this therapy for various types of malignant tumours. Further studies demonstrated the high efficiency and safety of this therapy in treating patients suffering from both benign and malignant tumours.


This success lead to EHF Therapy being used for treating skin melanoma, cancer of the ear-nose-throat, bowel and breast cancer, cancer of the uterus, lung, and stomach, solid tumours, as well as lymphoma.


Other illnesses which have been seen to improve greatly with this therapy include: peptic ulcers; gastric polyps; bronchial asthma; high blood pressure; infantile cerebral paralysis; diabetic angio-neuropathies; chronic alcoholism; and Perthes disease. As well, this therapy normalises vitally important cell functions. The therapy also changes the ATP synthesis of different regulations systems. (See study here)


Other benefits of EHF Therapy, according to this study, include:

– normalisation of the immune status;
– anti-stress effect
– spasmolytic effect
– analgesic effect
– anti-inflammatory effect
– anticoagulant effect
– improvement of microcirculation
– stabilisation of mood, reduction of anxiety and depression


When was EHF Therapy first used?


EHF therapy was first used in Russia in the mid-1960s and nowadays, this therapy is used throughout Russia as an effective medical treatment. Millimetre radio waves are considered EHF. On the EMR spectrum, EHF resides between centimetre radio waves and infrared waves. EHF includes frequencies from 30 to 300 GHz or wavelengths from 120 to 1mm. For EHF Therapy, the frequencies applied are from 30 to 120 GHz. (See more info here)

During the application of this Therapy, no side-effects have been observed. As a result, this therapy has found its place as an important therapy in the treatment of a wide range of illnesses. (See study here)


How does EHF Therapy work?


Those in the medical field consider the most significant effects of EHF Therapy are obtained by the frequencies which correspond with the oscillations of oxygen and water molecules and this is what helps patients. (See more info here)


As well, this therapy works because the high frequencies used in therapy imitate the EHF radiation from the patient and as these frequencies between the apparatus and the patient synchronise, this restores the body’s healthy rhythm which had been lost during illness. To put it simply, the EHF Therapy mobilises the body’s reserves to emit the frequencies of a healthy person. (See more info here)

Disclaimer: In Australia, some of the therapies offered at the Ozone Clinic are not officially recognised as a part of mainstream medical practice. These therapies are known as complementary therapies and are considered to be useful as an additional treatment to those offered by your medical practitioner. The Ozone Clinic and its personnel are fully trained in the application of these complementary therapies but they’re not registered medical practitioners and are considered to be complementary therapists.

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