The Ozone Clinic was a Sponsor for the ACIIDS 2023 Conference

Ozone Clinic Stand at ACIIDS Conference

The Ozone Clinic was a sponsor at the ACIIDS 2023 Conference held in Sydney in September. The conference was a great success, featuring Dr Jill Carnahan from Colorado as the keynote speaker and ten other speakers as well, who shared detailed insights about the treatments they use for patients with chronic illnesses and infections.

Dr Jill Carnahan, talked about her personal journey when she found out she had breast cancer at the age of 25 during her third year of medical training while she was studying at university in Chicago. She explained how she found out the integrative treatments which worked for her and how she then went on to find out how she could apply more integrative treatments for her patients – many of whom have vector-borne infections as well as chronic inflammatory diseases such as CIRS.

Dr Jill Carnahan from Colorado in the US, presented the Keynote Address at the ACIIDS 2023 Conference.

She opened saying: “In the United States, we have the armed forces and there’s a specific regiment called the Navy Seals. The Navy Seals are specially trained forces for special operations. Usually, it involves danger, it involves risk and it involves a very highly technical skill set… The Navy Seals don’t have fear – they have hope and they bring resilience to the population they’re serving. Now, why in the world would I bring up the Navy Seals here?  The reason… is because I’m looking across a room here of medical Navy Seals.”

“You’re all here because you’ve seen the call of your patients – to dig deeper, to find root cause, and to go against many of the things we were taught in medicine. Now, I’m a medical doctor… and I love my background, my roots in medicine… But I’ve stepped outside that box and so have you.” she said.

Dr Jill Carnahan at ACIIDS
Dr Jill Carnahan spoke to a large crowd at the ACIIDS 2023 Conference in Sydney.

Dr Christabelle Yeoh talked about “mitochondria,” describing them as “nature’s energy conductors.” She also talked about Deuterium in water and how this is is a major hindrance to the mitochondria in our cells.

Nicole Bijlsma and Jeanette Williams at ACIIDS
Building Biologists, Nicole Bijlsma and Jeanette Williams presented a Case Study of a home at the ACIIDS 2023 Conference.

Nicole Bijlsma, Building Biologist and CEO of the Australian College of Environmental Studies, gave us the hard facts about the buildings we live and work in, saying: “Eighty-five percent of strata owners in buildings built since 2000 have said their building is defective.” She explained one of the reasons we often have trouble with our houses is because: “Waterproofing is only designed to last for seven years.”

She also talked about how much higher our EMF exposure is these days saying: “Since the 1950s, our exposure to Radio Frequencies has increased by 10 to the power of 18.”

Dr Sandeep Gupta showed us his phone and how it’s so easy to turn off some of the different forms of wireless technologies it uses, including Bluetooth – and yet we can still make calls. He spoke more later about the combination of LPS (Lipopolysaccharides) and mycotoxins as being particularly harmful and he added: “It’s something that hasn’t been looked at a lot up until now and I’d love to see more research on it.”

Dr Janet Kim said she feels it’s very important to help patients fix their gut, adding: “If you don’t treat the patient’s gut, you can’t detox them… If someone has mould and Lyme – go for the mould first and then get the gut going.”

Clinical Naturopath, Lisa McDonald, showed us some photos of the symptoms people can experience when they’re living in a home with mould contamination and then she gave us details about how she treats mould illness.

Dr Anjana Arunachalam presented a Case Study about a patient with digestive issues and how she treated them so their gut was restored to good health.

Integrative Dentist, Dr Ron Ehrlich, said dental hygiene is “very important” adding: “The vast majority of oral diseases have NO PAIN.”

Dr Ashley Berry presented at the ACIIDS 2023 Conference.

Dr Ashley Berry talked about a patient he treated who had cancer and she did a range of integrative treatments he gave her and these lowered her all of her cancer markers.

Dr Taufiq Binjemain spoke about the advanced, holistic cancer treatments he uses for his patients. He outlined the factors which can cause cells to become sick including trauma, emotion, unstructured water and frequencies such as EMF.

Dr Jill Carnahan MD spoke on the second day of the conference, asking: “Is all depression and anxiety organic? In other words, are they all related to toxins?” She added later: “Our gut is like a second brain. The vagus nerve is the highway of communication between the gut and the brain.”

The ACIIDS 2023 Conference provided valuable insights and perspectives on integrative medicine, chronic infections and chronic inflammatory diseases, including cancer.

ACIIDS is a not-for-profit organisation of health practitioners with an interest in integrative medicine, chronic infections – particularly vector-borne infections – and chronic inflammatory diseases. For more information, visit us here.