A Natural Way To Fix Chronic Back Pain – How Does It Work?

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At the Ozone Clinic in Sydney, Australia, we provide a revolutionary and non-invasive method of fixing back pain and many other muscular skeletal problems naturally. So if you have severe or chronic back pain, don’t give up. It is possible to live a pain-free life with these new treatments.

There are two forms of treatments for back and joint pain and they are Ozone Injection Therapy and Prolozone Therapy.

What is Ozone Injection Therapy?

Medical ozone has been known for its medicinal properties for over 150 years and it’s considered to be one of the safest treatments in the world. But more recently it’s been discovered that ozone injections can stimulate stem cell activity and this has some tremendous benefits for many muscular-skeletal conditions.

Can it fix my back pain?

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Ozone Injection Therapy is very effective in the treatment of spinal disc problems. Many medical doctors and scientists consider it to be the best non-surgical disc treatment. There have been large number of medical studies carried out in Europe regarding the safety and effectiveness of this treatment.

Ozone injections have been performed on thousands of patients and have been found to be a safe and effective for bulging discs and disc protrusions. They do not mechanically disrupt the disc structure but instead, they address the natural healing resources of the human body to repair the damaged tissue.

What is Prolozone Therapy?

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Prolozone Therapy is a new therapy pioneered by Dr Frank Shallenberger. This therapy is a result of combining Prolotherapy and Ozone therapy together. With Prolotherapy, a saline or dextrose solution is injected into the joint and it stimulates the healing response of the body. The treatment triggers the proliferation of new cells and provides great results for various muscular skeletal conditions, especially knees, shoulders and hips.

So Prolozone Therapy is the combination of Prolotherapy and Ozone Injection Therapy. The clinic uses the existing concepts of Ozone Injections and Prolotherapy and successfully integrates them with advanced structural alignment and exercise therapy. This method generally produces very fast results and is completely manipulation free. It does not have any side effects that are normally associated with many invasive medical procedures or some chiropractic treatments.

How does Ozone Injection Therapy work?
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Ozone Injection Therapy is a holistic program which addresses your back pain from the inside out.

It treats the cause together with symptoms. This is one of the reasons the treatment is so effective. A unique assessment protocol at the clinic, called the Wellness Navigator, has been developed by Russian doctors and allows our consultants to look at the entire body as a complex, interconnected construction.

Because the body is so well interconnected, the problem in your back could be caused by a structural misalignment somewhere else. Until that misalignment is found and fixed, the majority of existing treatments will not produce long term results and the problem will very quickly come back. Advanced Structural Alignment is completely manipulation free and can be extremely gentle for the body.

This fact makes it very effective in cases when manipulations or physiotherapy are contraindicated (this is usually often the case if there is serious disc protrusion). But once the body is realigned, it is ready for regeneration. At this stage Ozone Injections or Prolozone Therapy will produce maximum results. The natural healing effect of Ozone Injections is based on:

  1. Ozone’s natural anti-inflammatory effect which reduces pain and inflammation.
  2. The stimulation of your natural anti-oxidant system, which takes control over any free radicals and prevents further damage to the tissue.
  3. Stimulation and awakening of your own stem cells which migrate to the damaged area and start regeneration process.
  4. Natural regulation of your cellular metabolism which provides a long term results to the treatment.

Once your back pain or joint pain has been addressed, a special individual maintenance program will be tailored to your personal needs. This program integrates corrective exercises, designed to look after your spinal health and recommends some prevention tools to make sure you can repair any further issues before a problem starts.

What will you experience during your treatment?

We do structural alignment which encompasses some of the best elements of Spinal Therapy, Tibetan Massage, Manual Therapy, Shiatsu, Acupressure and many other therapies. Ozone injections can be done under local anesthetic for people with fear of needles. About 70% of patients will experience immediate pain relief during the ozone injections.

For more information about how the Ozone Clinic can help you with your severe or chronic back pain, read more here. If you’d like to book a free appointment, visit us here at the Ozone Clinic or call us on (02) 9188 8599.