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Breathe Restore

The Ozone Clinic in Sydney is now selling a new Disinfection Air Purifier called Breathe Restore. The device is made to the clinic’s specifications and is designed to help a wide range of conditions including chronic respiratory problems and chronic bronchitis.

This unique device has at least five premium technologies built into it and these include:

  • A HEPA filter to clean the majority of the toxins out of the air.
  • It produces negative ions which stimulate your breathing system.
  • It produces ultra violet light to sterilise the air around you.
  • It produces ozone – a naturally-occuring antibacterial gas which helps improve many conditions.
  • Aromatherapy – the device diffuses essential oils and sends out their aroma to the surrounding air to aid many health conditions.

Watch this video as Elvira Milman shows us how the Breathe Restore device works

How does the Breathe Restore device work?

The Breathe Restore Disinfection Air Purifier filters the air by taking the air in and filtering it with a HEPA filter. The device also sends out negative ions and ozone gas which are both extremely beneficial to your health.

As Dr Dulitisky, PHd MD (Ru) of The Ozone Clinic says: “Normally, to have all of these functions in one device would cost thousands of dollars but we can provide this all in one device because we’ve had it made to our specifications. It is quite a small device but it will cover about 20 square metres of indoor space. So, if you have a bigger area to cover you may need to get two devices.”

Is Ozone OK?

Ozone is a naturally-occuring gas and it’s beneficial to your health in small doses for a number of conditions including mould or biotoxin illness. The ozone is only produced when you touch the ‘Ozone’ button. It’s produced for 20 minutes and after this time, it cuts out. This way, you can’t get too much ozone in your air. But later, if you feel you need more ozone, you can just press the ozone button again.

What’s the difference between this device and an essential oil diffuser?

For aromatherapy, the advantage of this device over a traditional oil diffuser is the fact that when you use a diffuser, after about two hours have passed – most of the oil’s fragrance has disappeared. The Breathe Restore device delivers the oil’s aroma to the air much more slowly.

As Dr Dulitsky PhD MD (Ru) adds: “For example, if I use seven drop of oil, you will be able to smell the aroma for at least six hours – and more. So this way, you feel the effect of the oil over a greater period of time and it’s a very efficient use of the oil.”

“This is because when you put the essential oils in the device, it aerates the oil and you get the benefit straight away. At the same time, it’s a very light device – it’s not big and bulky so this has helped us to keep the cost down as well.”

“You can have one of these devices in your office or in your home and you can smell the aroma of the oils straight away – and you can tell straight away that the combination of the aromatherapy and the negative ions does stimulate your breathing system and at the same time – make it easier to breathe,” he adds.

The Ozone Clinic makes up a blend of oils for each individual patient

The Ozone Clinic has a special test which checks which blend of oils would be the most beneficial for each patient. For a public area such as an office, they can make a blend which is best for cleansing a room.

The oils they use for the Breathe Restore device are all organic and the clinic has already bought 150 to 200 different oils to have them in stock. Dr Dulitsky PhD MD (Ru) adds: “Many of the latest studies show, essential oils have an instant effect on the brain, affecting the neurotransmitters, so this is how they have a very powerful impact on your health.”

What disorders can Aromatherapy treat?

You may be wondering what conditions are helped by aromatherapy. Dr Dulitsky PhD MD (Ru) says the range of conditions is unlimited: “Aromatherapy is a powerful treatment but at the same time, it’s a gentle treatment that can be used for very young people right through to adults – and the therapeutic range is unlimited.”

“When we first looked into this and tried aromatherapy with our patients, I was actually shocked at how effective it was. For example, I’ve had patients who were depressed and couldn’t sleep – so we’ve started them using the Breathe Restore device and they come in and say: ‘My life’s changed. I feel so different.’

“I never realised how powerful it is. I think the major difference is because we can measure this individually and we can find the right oils for each person. I think that’s why we’ve seen such big changes for patients. So it’s a relatively low cost, therapeutic tool,” he adds.

Dr Dulitsky PhD MD (Ru) says aromatherapy is able to get to the neurotransmitters and this is like the ‘door’ to the nervous system: “We can use our Wellness Navigator diagnostic system and find out which combination of oils will work best for each person. It’s not based on theoretical information. We can work out which oils would be good for you, which might be negative for you and which ones will be neutral for you.”

For more information about how the Ozone Clinic can help you with your respiratory system, read more here. If you’d like to book a free appointment, visit us here at the Ozone Clinic or call us on (02) 9188 8599.

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