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coronavirus has now affected 3 more school children

9th March 2020: Three more high school students have been diagnosed with coronavirus among six new cases across NSW today. This was reported by Stephanie Bedo at

A boy and girl from Year 10 at St Patrick’s Marist College in Dundas in Sydney’s west have been confirmed to have the virus and the other case is a Year 7 student at Willoughby Girls High School in the north.

The ABC has reported that up to 50 of the students at St Patrick’s Marist College could have had close contact with the two students who have the virus.

The Virus: An in-depth look at the coronavirus crisis | ABC News

There are now 42 cases of coronavirus across NSW

There are now 42 cases of coronavirus across NSW. The virus is more deadly to those who are immune-impaired or very old.

If you’re worried about coronavirus, you can boost your immune system at the Ozone Clinic.

There are a number of treatments and therapies available at the Ozone Clinic offers which will boost your immune system. For example, you could have an intravenous Vitamin C injection and studies have shown this helps strengthen your immune system. (See this study here)

Ozone is also an effective way of boosting your immune system because it increases the level of oxygen in your blood and this leads to the strengthening of your immune system. (See this study here)

For more information on ozone therapy, read our story about it here.

Many people have found their immune system has benefited from Xenon Therapy as well so take a look at our information about this therapy here.

Another option is to have Thymus Therapy which includes an injection of Thymus extract to boost your immune system. Read more about the benefits of Thymus Therapy under our Integrative Immune Therapies section here.

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