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Ozone therapy in the complex treatment of coxarthrosis.

Keywords: Ozone treatment, coxarthrosis, hip-joint, case study, effective, ozone injections.


The treatment of 108 patients with osteoarthritis, particularly of the hip joint were considered for this case study. The patients were divided into two identical groups categorised by gender, age, degree and severity of the group’s hip changes. The control group of patients received traditional, conservative treatment for coxarthrosis to differ from the other group. The main group were treated with intra-articular injections of an ozone-oxygen mixture as well as the drug Zeel T. Analysis of the results demonstrated that ozone therapy was highly efficient and safe in the therapy of coxarthrosis.


Stages and severity



In 37-49% of all cases of osteoarthritis, degenerative and dystrophic diseases of the hip joint can be found. Coxarthrosis, in most cases, progresses steadily around 40-60 years of age.

Approximately 30-50% of people with this disease undergo a heavy operation to replace their hip with an artificial one after 10 years of illness. This operational intervention has several medical and social contraindications- according to a study, 4-30% of patients recorded pain syndrome of similar quality before the operation. Thus, the conservative treatment of coxarthrosis is still in orbit.

The effectiveness of osteoarthritis treatment is significantly improving. One of the ways is by supplementing the standard conservative treatment with intraarticular injections (ozone-oxygen mixtures). Unfortunately, the use of such injections is limited. This is due to the complex hip anatomy of human bodies; the depth of its location as well as the technical difficulties of ozone injections.

In pathogenesis, osteoarthritis inflammation plays a significant role. So, using intra-part ozone therapy achieves both anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.


Patients in the main group were found to have a faster and more significant cupping of pain syndrome regardless of the degree of severity. Most cases in acute degree coxarthrosis have limb function and according to a biomechanical study, have been fully restored. From the higher degree case (e.g. 3rd), the improvement of 15 patients (among them, 11 were from the main group) were observed with improvements in state.


Injected ozone therapy significantly helps to increases the effectiveness of conservative treatmens for coxarthrosis (reduced or completely cupped pain syndrome; improvement in limb function) and promotes long-term remission.



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