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Ozone Therapy in Dermatology

Ministry of Health Service of The Russian Federation

The State Medical Academy of  Nizhny Novgorod

Keywords: Eczema, Acneiform, Furunculosis, Herpes, Psoriasis, Myocosis, Ozone Therapy in Dermatology, Ozone therapy

“The use of ozone therapy in the management of patients with various inflammatory skin
diseases makes it possible to delimit the inflammation and to improve trophical processes.
Out of 495 patients that were on ozone therapy a complete disappearance of clinical picture or
significant improvement were observed in a patients with dermatosis and herpes(100%);
pyodermia( 95%); – eczema(75%); neurodermaitis(66%) and psoriasis(60%)”

(Криваткин С.Л, Криваткина Е.В., 1998).

Neurodermititis- Eczema 


  • Intravenous infusions of ozonized physiological saline or rectal insufflations with
    ozone/oxygen mixtures or major autohemotherapy
  • Ozonized vegetable oil
  • Aeration with ozone/oxygen mixture in a plastic bag


“The course consists of 10-12 procedures of intravenous infusions with ozonized saline or
rectal insufflations with ozone/oxygen mixtures done every second day. Major autohemotherapy is done twice a week up to 5-6 procedures. Ozonized vegetable oil is applied on the injured surface twice a day for 20 minutes until the eruption disappears.”

“The aeration course consists of 5-8 procedures, done every second day for 20 minutes with
ozone concentration being 5-20mg/l. Positive result in the treatment of patients with eczema was noted in 86,8% of cases (complete clinical cure was achieved in 29,4% and significant improvement( 70% eruption regress) –in 57,4%”

(Кошелева И.В., Иванов О.Л, 2000)

Acneiform Eruption 


  • Major Autohemotherapy
  • Minor Autohemotherapy
  • Intravenous infusions with ozonated saline
  • Subcutaneous microinjections with ozone/oxygen mixture around the focus of


“The course of treatment begins with Major Autohemotherapy up to 5 procedures done every
second day, followed by intravenous infusions with ozonized saline which are alternated with
Minor Autohemotherapy (6-8 procedures). Microinjections around the focus of inflammation
are to be done every day till the rupture of the furuncle. The ruptured furuncle is to be
irrigated with ozonized saline”



  • Major Autohemotherapy
  • Minor Autohemotherapy
  • Ozonated vegetable oil


The course of treatment includes10-15 procedures of Minor Autohemotherapy done every
second day and 4 procedures of Major Autohemotherapy done once a week. Ozonized oil is to
be applied two times a day on the dry elements till the rupture of the papules.

Note. In some cases there can be the exacerbation of the process at the very beginning of
treatment. The exacerbation is less pronounced and is soon eliminated.




  • Intravenous infusions of ozonated physiological saline or rectal insufflations with
    ozone/oxygen mixtures
  • Major Autohemotherapy
  • Minor Autohemotherapy
  • Ozonized vegetable oil


“Intravenous infusions with ozonated saline or rectal insufflations with ozone/oxygen mixtures
are done every second day up to 10 procedures. Minor autohemotherapy includes 6
procedures done twice a week.

Instead of intravenous infusions with ozonized saline, rectal insufflations with ozone/oxygen
mixtures and minor autohemotherapy and a course of major autohemotherapy can be done.
In includes 8-10 procedures, the first two procedures are to be done every second day, the
remaining procedures are done twice a week.

Ozonated vegetable oil is to be applied on the injured surface twice a day for 20 minutes
within a month to follow.”(1)



  • Ozonated vegetable oil
  • Minor Autohemotherapy


“The treatment consists of ozonated tampons applied on the nail plates twice a day for 30-40
minutes for a period of 3-6 months for fingernails and of 6-9months for toe-nails (until the
new nail plate grows)
A course of major autohemotherapy of 3-6 procedures is done every three months, the
procedures are done every second day.”(1)


  • (1)– Oleg V. Maslennikov, Claudia N. Kontorshchikova, Irina A. Gribkova- Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 2008
  • Ozone therapy in Practice. Health Manual. – Nizhny Novgorod
  • Rilling S.,Viebahn R. The Use of Ozone in Medicine. New Jork. Haug. 1987
  • Viebahn R. The use of ozone in medicine. 2nd ed.Heidelberg: Karl F. Haug

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