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Xenon chronic fatigue

CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)  has been treated by Xenon Therapy in number of clinical trials. Many of these trials have indicated that there is a new hope to CFS sufferers.

  • R Chen, FX Liang, J Moriya, J Yamakawa, H Sumino, T Kanda and T Takahashi. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Central Nervous System. The Journal of International Medical Research 2008; 36: 867 – 874.

An increasing amount of neuroimaging evidence supports the hypothesis that chronic fatigue syndrome patients have structural or functional abnormalities within the brain. Moreover, some neurotrophic factors, neurotransmitters and cytokines have also been evaluated in order to elucidate the mechanism of abnormal neuropsychic findings in chronic fatigue syndrome. In this review, we suggest that the focal point of chronic fatigue syndrome research should be transferred to the central nervous system.

In summary, an increasing amount of evidence is becoming available to elucidate the close relationship between CFS and the CNS. Some limitations still exist, however, because some studies have not only discussed the link between CFS and the CNS, but also the link between some of the major symptoms of CFS and the CNS. The focal point of CFS research, therefore, should be transferred to the CNS and exploration of the neuromechanism of CFS. It is still unclear a specific mechanism of how Xenon Therapy affect the patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrom so more studies are needed.

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