How The Ozone Clinic is Helping Breast Cancer Patients

Breast Cancer

There are standard treatments for breast cancer patients which target the actual breast cancer and aim at reducing the cancer – such as chemotherapy and radiation. But when patients have completed these treatments, they can also do more integrative treatments which will build back their immune system and help their bodies cope with the other standard treatments. One such patient is a woman called Alice who heard that integrative treatments for breast cancer were available at the Ozone Clinic in Castle Hill, Sydney.

Keen to do some further treatments, Alice said this was because she wanted to strengthen her body, adding she looked for these types of treatments because: “I’ve always known that our bodies are designed to heal themselves. So, I wanted to find some treatments that would work with the body to strengthen the body – because you only need to remind your body about what it has to do and it will often do it.”

Alice had a previous experience with breast cancer over 20 years ago and that time, she went down more the conventional route. The treatments were successful but when it happened again, she said it felt it was right that she could come “full circle” and do some more integrative treatments this time which is “more the way I really want to.”

“I knew from my earlier experience that the conventional treatments are aimed at neutralising everything in your system so I wanted to balance that out a bit,” she added.

The treatments Alice has undergone at the Ozone Clinic over the past two months include inhaling Krypton or Argon gas. When asked how this treatment made her feel she said: “Very strong – I could feel myself getting stronger every day.”

“It makes a huge difference,” she added. As well as the Krypton gas, Alice has been doing treatments with a new Thermography Scanner. When Alice went to her standard doctor for her latest checkup, she did some tests and they told her they’d never seen someone make such fast progress in reducing their cancer before.

“So all the pieces are doing exactly what we want to do – so that my body can rebuild everything,” said Alice. “And this environment here at the clinic is perfect. It supports you and gives you a ‘can do’ attitude,” she added.

Effler treatments as well

Alice has also been doing treatments with an Ehflar device and when asked about these she said: “I love them because I understand they’re helping the cells communicate with each other and so again, it’s another empowering treatment that helps remind ourselves what we need to do.”

“Also, I’ve been utilising someone they bring to the clinic called Masako who has been giving me Bio-magnetic treatment and this is yet another way that I’m healing because my body shows her what its asking for in terms of balance – and this balancing helps eliminate anything that hasn’t been in balance before,” Alice said.

Alice explained she’s happy to be doing a number of treatments because it gives her a multi-pronged approach. She feels this is what she needs because it enables many facets of her illness to be handled, As she said: “These treatments cover the emotional, physical and environmental side of things so I’m covering the full range. But, I also know that I can do all of these treatments – but I’m still the most important piece of it and so I have to feel good about it all as well – and that’s what I’m doing.”

When asked when she thinks she’ll be able to finish the treatments, Alice said: “There’s kind of a comfort in not knowing exactly how long I’ll be doing the treatments. Because there’s no expectations – there’s no crystal ball. You let the body heal the way that it knows how to heal.”

The treatments Alice has had are all available at The Ozone Clinic in Castle Hill, Sydney. For more information on these treatments take a look here.

Disclaimer: In Australia, some of the therapies offered at the Ozone Clinic are not officially recognised as a part of mainstream medical practice. These therapies are known as complementary therapies and are considered to be useful as an additional treatment to those offered by your medical practitioner. The Ozone Clinic and its personnel are fully trained in the application of these complementary therapies but they’re not registered medical practitioners and are considered to be complementary therapists.

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