Dr Edward Dulitsky PhD MD (RU)’s Qualifications and Background in Ozone Therapy

Dr Dulitsky

Dr Edward Dulitsky PhD MD (RU) has been treating people with Ozone Therapy for over 20 years altogether and approximately 10 of those years have been here in Sydney, Australia. Dr Dulitsky PhD MD (RU) was originally trained in Russia as a physician and he’s also a registered neurologist in Russia. Along with these qualifications, he also has two PhDs with the first being related to medical ozone which and he completed at Moscow University and the second being on chronic fatigue.

As Dr Dulitsky PhD MD (RU) says: “I’ve done a lot of research on this, combined with a lot of scientific work and clinical work.”

Interestingly, in Russia, Ozone therapy has always been part of mainstream medicine and Dr Dulitsky PhD MD (RU) says: “We studied ozone therapy as we would study any medical specialty – so it’s not been just a one or two-day workshop. It’s actually been proper study with different specialists coming in to work with us. I remember we had gastroenterologists come in who were treating patients with ozone. Different specialists would share their experience of addressing issues with ozone therapy.”

While he was completing his degrees in Russia, Dr Dulitsky PhD MD (RU) had international medical papers published in his name. He said the thesis for his PhD was about the regeneration of knees – especially arthritis – with ozone therapy and he had some papers related to this published. Other papers he had published were about how ozone therapy works against viruses and how it activates the immune system.

More About the Safety of Using Ozone Therapy

When asked to tell us more about the ozone therapy he carries out at the Ozone Clinic and the safety involved, Dr Dulitsky PhD MD (RU) says: “Ozone therapy is a very big umbrella and right now in our clinic, we have 20 different procedures which involve ozone. They’re all very different and they require different safety standards.”

He says this is especially important now because people in general are are interested in ozone these days: “Everyone thinks ozone is great and it’s safe. However, unfortunately it’s not really the truth because as most of you know, ozone itself is a poison. As a poisonous substance, you need to deal with it with extra care. When a lot of people talk about the safety of ozone, they’re relying on data which was around 20 years ago which implied that ozone therapy was the safest therapy in the world.”

“But back 20 years ago, most of the practitioners using ozone therapy were practising safe ozone therapy so it was all OK. Unfortunately that’s not the case these days. Now, we’re hearing about cases where somebody dies from ozone therapy. So now there’s a lot of negative sentiment about it as well – especially from mainstream doctors,” Dr Dulitsky adds.

“The problem is – a lot of people who practice ozone therapy these days don’t have the proper training and they often practice what we call unsafe ozone therapy which can lead to serious side effects. So, that’s why it’s very, very important to know what is safe ozone therapy and how to find the right practitioner who can deliver this so it will bring the patient the results they want,” he adds.

New Clinics Offering Ozone Therapy in Sydney, Australia

Ozone TherapyWhen asked what he thinks of new clinics offering ozone therapy in Australia, Dr Dulitsky PhD MD (RU) says: “I think the spreading of ozone therapy is a great thing. It’s wonderful that more and more doctors are interested in this therapy. But it’s very important that first, they need to find somebody who is properly trained to deliver the treatment by certain standards.”

“For example, there’s an International Association of Ozone Therapy and they have recommendations of the medical equipment which should be used for ozone because it must have a special gas sensor on board which is measuring ozone as you’re using it in intravenous procedures. I know a lot of equipment in the United States just uses calibrated equipment and this equipment is not ideally designed for ozone,” he adds.

“Again, training is crucial. I’ll tell you a little story – I worked very closely with Professor Nazarov – he’s one of the scientific leaders of ozone therapy – and he’s known everywhere in the world for his work. He questioned the safety of ozone therapy and he found a lot of people who have various forms of ozone therapy find that suddenly, three to six months later, they develop different health conditions. So, we did some research to see if we could find any connection. We found that the reason was oxidative stress which ozone can cause people. While, it will usually not happen to a healthy person – it’s a very high risk for someone who already has underlying health issues,” he adds.

Dr Dulitsky PhD MD (RU) says for this reason, it’s important that each individual person has tests to see if ozone therapy is suitable or perhaps they might find they need to do some preparation before they have ozone therapy or have a different type of ozone therapy. “So these tests are very important if you want to get good results,” he says.

Dr Dulitsky PhD MD (RU) has Trained Many Practitioners in Ozone Therapy

Dr Dulitsky PhD MD (RU) has trained doctors in ozone therapy all over the world. He says he’s also had some doctors from America, Hong Kong, Russia and the Ukraine, visit him here in Australia so they can learn about his form of ozone therapy.

“I remember we had an integrative doctor from the United States come over who’d been practising ozone therapy for 30 years and he was amazed at how effective our treatments were. He said I was achieving in one treatment what he would achieve in 10. So, there are always things to learn. I’m lucky that I’ve had great teachers and we’re combining a science and a clinical practice together, because it allows us to bring the latest research into the practice. This helps us to protect our patients because, for example, we’ve found some new procedures which can be dangerous, so we’re trying to make sure that people don’t get exposed to these dangerous practices,” he says.

“I’ve been doing these treatments for over 20 years and I’ve never had any major issues with side effects from ozone and this is because I’m practising safe ozone therapy which is based on scientific research and tests. If anything does happen, we know what antidote to use to neutralise any side effects – so there’s a lot to it,” says Dr Dulitsky PhD MD (RU).

When asked about the results he’s achieved with his form of ozone therapy, Dr Dulitsky PhD MD (RU) says there’s a large spectrum of conditions he treats with ozone therapy: “We treat muscular skeletal problems with over 90% success rate. We have patients fly in from other countries for this. We’ve done research together with a research centre in the Ukraine and in Russia, for treating Lyme-like conditions and chronic fatigue and we found the combined treatment with ozone and medical gases gets a 70% improvement.”

“So, we have quite a few different results. Sometimes people come to me and say will ozone therapy work for me and I say: ‘I don’t know’ because everyone’s an individual. While we have great success with some conditions, there’s always an individual component to it – including genetic issues – so everyone is a new story,” he adds.

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Disclaimer: In Australia, some of the therapies offered at the Ozone Clinic are not officially recognised as a part of mainstream medical practice. These therapies are known as complementary therapies and are considered to be useful as an additional treatment to those offered by your medical practitioner. The Ozone Clinic and its personnel are fully trained in the application of these complementary therapies but they’re not registered medical practitioners and are considered to be complementary therapists.