Study 2

Perfusion and ventilation scans in patients with extensive obstructive airway disease: Utility of single-breath Xenon

Material and methods:

In 14 cooled neonates with encephalopathy, xenon therapy was given. 1 subject was given 25% xenon and 13 were exposed to 50%. They were followed up for 18 months after exposure and studied for side effects and brain activity.


No respiratory, cardiovascular or extubation side effects were present. Xenon suppressed seizure and boosted sedation. Out of 14 subjects, three died and 7 survivors showed significant physical and mental development at follow-up.


Exposing neonates with encephalopathy, to 50% xenon is feasible after 18 to 72 hours cooling. During follow-up for eighteen months, there were no side effects visible in the brain or physical development.