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Ozone Clinic is a part of integrative Health Specialists centre and the only integrated health clinic in Australia.

We’re part of international scientific community conducting research in several holistic modalities.

We’re part of an international scientific community which conducts research in several holistic modalities such as Adaptation Medicine, Biological Medicine, IV nutrition, Laser Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Medical Gases, EHF Therapy etc. Some of these modalities often fall outside of scope of mainstream medicine, particularly in some English-speaking countries, where most of the research is supported by large pharmaceutical companies.


Available treatments

Our lab works close together with some of the research facilities and other labs in Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Germany and USA.

Get the right treatment with one simple test.

We can quickly determine the efficacy of the treatment and constantly adjust the selected treatment protocols, if necessary, to achieve maximum efficiency.

Most of the patients who suffer with complex chronic health conditions know well that many doctors select their treatment protocols based on an educated guess. Sometimes it works, but sometimes after months of treatment and high costs, some patients realise they havn't improved or often, they've even become worse.

Our testing systems allow us to see already after 12 hours how a patient responds to a selected treatment protocol. These testing systems are based on a state-of-the-art Russian technology, allowing us to focus on wellness and entire well being of the whole person.

Our professional team of microbiologists have unique specially developed microscopy tests which can assess the presence of some rare types of bacteria and fungi.

We conduct integrative blood tests combining multiple microscopy methods such as phase-contrast, dark field, bright light, Giemsa Stained and fluorescent microscopy.

These tests have been found to be extremely helpful for Lyme Disease sufferers since, in most of the cases, we can identify the type of co-infections which need to be addressed as well as the presence of fungal infections, candida, biofilm, activity of bacteria etc.

We have had some cases where patients have previously been treated for a problem they did not have and by using our diagnostic method, they were able to correct and address this.

Our I-Wellness Navigator is developed by leading scientists.

The pinnacle of our efforts is a joint project with Russian and Ukrainian medical scientists which led to the development of a complex diagnostic wellness system called the I-Wellness Navigator.

The I-Wellness Navigator allows us to create a 3D map of person’s physical, emotional and mental health. This enables us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual we see and this helps us to develop a personal wellness program aimed to repair and regenerate a person. Then they can transform themselves and reach optimum health - a rejuvenated, new version of themself!

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